1. The Grifter

    The Grifter is an urban legend that began to circulate on the Internet in 2009. The video is said to show horrifying images of people being tortured and killed. Viewers of the movie can experience nausea, trauma, night terrors, clinical depression, and even commit suicide. The content shows the human sacrifice of small babies and images of satanic ritual abuse. In some cases, people have attempted to make a copy of the film, but have failed.A famous staple of /x/ and numerous other forums dedicated to the paranormal; it is rumoured to be posted on youtube occasionally, but is always quickly taken down. Whenever The Grifter enters the topic of conversation on the above-mentioned forums, people will warn against watching it, even begging you not to ruin your life.

    It has been said that the video was recorded in the 1930s and portrays a collection of strange pictures and sounds. In one part of the movie, the words “Your race is the one that is dying” appears while a picture of a plant rotting is seen. The footage displays close up shots of corpses and people who have been possessed by demons. It has been described as the most disturbing video available on the Internet. However, many feel the tape is a hoax and nothing more than an urban legend. 

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