1. Helltown’s Mother of Sorrows Cemetary

    Despite that “Mother of Sorrows” is the English translation of the cemetery’s proper name, Mater Dolorosa Cemetery has become the standard name by which it’s called in most tales of Helltown Ohio. The cemetery is about as eerie a cemetery as you’ll find. Entirely hidden within the Cuyahoga Valley National Park just east of Peninsula Mother of Sorrows Cemetery has been abandoned for the last fifty years and is now just a scattering of twenty or so tombstones in the forest.

    It’s said that the Helltown Satanists I explained earlier are buried on these grounds in unmarked graves, but the more notable spirits are those of Michael Raleigh who’s face is said to appear in his tombstone when it rains or in the reflections of moonlight, and Thomas Cody whose spirit wanders the woods of Helltown at night and can be sometimes seen peering out at night time visitors.
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