1. The Highway to Hell and The End of the World

    The Highway to Hell” is in fact the nickname for a specific stretch of Stanford Road in Helltown Ohio where the road enters a steep decline on a wooded hill. The road also narrows significantly at the entrance of the woods creating a sharp drop-off, and at the end of the road (not visible from the top) is a barricade known as “The End of the World.”
    Today the portion of “The Highway to Hell” where it enters the woods is closed to vehicle traffic. However; it wasn’t always the case. The road was once a popular target for cut throats and thieves. Given the lack of visibility, the steep inclines and twists in the road causing drivers to slow considerably, cut throats would wait in the woods, highjack and murder those driving by. The ghosts of their victims are said to be heard moaning from the surrounding woods throughout Helltown.
    The Helltown Highway to Hell myth certainly didn’t diminish when one day in the mid-1980s an abandoned school bus was discovered along the road. While there are certainly numerous reasonable possibilities for how the school bus got there you have to admit it has a certain creepiness factor to it, and this is Helltown afterall. This was made worse when residents of the area began reporting that they had seen an apparition of a man in the bus, which by that time was scheduled for removal by the county. The authorities put the bus under observation to deter vagrancy, but each night the shadow of a man smoking a cigarette in the bus would appear and the bus would be found empty when the posted officers investigated.
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    well wait a minute i thought that said Hilton ohio… yeah the road may be real but there isnt a “Helltown ohio”
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