1. Satanists in Helltown, Ohio

    The belief that Satanists inhabited the Helltown may have begun with the abandoned buildings, but it didn’t end there. The story grew until the Satanists were said to be sacrificing animals by night in the local Presbyterian church.  It was also reported that groups of black hooded figures try to stop occupants passing through at night in cars by blocking the road. More recently, the myth has included the KKK in the place of Satanists. It’s also said that an escaped mental patient roams the woods at night looking for victims, because at this point why not.

     The church itself doesn’t help refute the story; it’s a creepy old building built facing a fork in the road, and exactly the sort of place children make up stories about. Decorative fascia boards on the church had what appeared to be upside-down crosses carved into them. These fascia boards were removed sometime in the early-to-mid 2000s.

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